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Family Consultation
All waiver-participant family members are entitled to receive Family Consultation to assist with their child’s participation in any family or community activity and/or to help establish relationships with siblings and peers. These areas may include but are not limited to:
Family Consultation - RDI®
Families are not required to participate in Family Consultation Services; however, by participating they will improve the possible outcome of the child’s at-home program by offering consistency and additional exposure to all therapeutic interventions.
•  Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI®)

•  Communication

•  Behavior Shaping and Management

•  Social Skills

•  Mobility at home and in the community (including safety)

•  Daily Living Skills

•  Self Direction

•  Money-Management

•  Toilet Training
For more information on RDI® services and ACT, please CLICK HERE.
Family Consultation hours may also be used for Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI®).  This is an opportunity for our waiver families to try this promising new approach by using the funding already available through the Autism Waiver.  If your child is not currently receiving services through funding from the Waiver- you may still able utilize our RDI® services at Autism Connection Training (ACT).