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Staff Trainings
Rationale for Pairing Staff with Clients
Once Staff is hired, they attend a New Hire Training.  This training  must be completed within the first sixty (60) days of employment.  Staff also attend a mandatory Annual Training each year of employment.

Once a Staff member is assigned to a client, they are trained for that specific client. This initial training is done by the Family Consultant assigned to the client.  This training includes review of the treatment plan goals and collection of data.  When possible, the Staff will be paired with another Staff member currently working with the client for further intensive one-on-one training.

The documentation that Staff turns in is reviewed weekly.  Staff is supervised directly and indirectly on a quarterly basis as outlined by COMAR.  Situations may arise where staff requires additional training and/or supervision in order to further meet the client's needs. Staff may request additional training at any time.  Trainings are conducted by the Program Director, Assistant Program Director, General Manager, and/or Family Consulatant.  Connect and Learn believes that it is our responsibility to stay informed and trained on the best practices in the field of autism and developmental disabilities. 

Pairing our staff with your child is a key component to establishing a relationship in order to provide him/her with the best possible care. To maintain a positive experience for your child, this relationship must be established.  A child will be much more motivated if they are looking forward to their sessions with staff.  

Staff will come out to meet the family before they meet your child. This gives the parents the opportunity to get to know the staff and decide whether they are a good fit. The staff will take the appropriate time to build a productive relationship with your child. Some of the initial areas of focus will be to learn how much interaction your child can tolerate, your child’s reinforcing activities, and possible triggers for maladaptive behaviors. The essence of pairing our staff with your child is working towards progress through a positive environment.

To obtain information about COMAR regulations please CLICK HERE to visit the Division of State Documents section of the State of Maryland's website.  Enter the title - - into the search engine.
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