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Treatment Plans
Respite Care staff will provide supervision, support, and companionship to the client throughout their everyday activities in both the home and the community.  We believe in having all staff familiarize themselves with the individual needs of the child and family that are identified through other types of service(s).
Respite Care
Individualized Intensive Support Services (IISS)
If the participant is eligible for Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS), a Treatment Plan must be written before the client can receive services. 

An Instructional Technician(s) will work with the client one-to-one in the client's home or in the community setting. The technician will work on activities with the participant that will help the participant master the objectives in the treatment plan.  The technician will take written data on the Treatment Plan activities in order to assist in the monitoring the participant's progress.
Our Professional Staff use a collaborative approach with the parents/guardians to develop and implement a Treatment Plan.  Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals utilize research based teaching techniques that have been shown to be effective in treating the behavior, communication, and learning deficits associated with autism spectrum disorders.

The Treatment Plan describes the Goals/Objectives that the Instructional Technician will be working on during the IISS service.  The Treatment Plan can address but is not limited to the following areas: independence/self help skills, recreation/leisure, community integration, safety/mobility, cognitive/language, fine/large motor skills.

The Treatment Plan may have elements from one or more of the modalities listed below, based on the needs of the child and the family.:

• Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
• Augmenting Communication Input
• Graduated Guidance
• Teaching for Generalization
• Errorless Learning 
• PEC”s