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Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services 
Waiver for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
(“The Autism Waiver”)  
The Maryland Autism Waiver, through Medical Assistance, allows children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to receive specific waiver services which assist and support them in their homes and communities.  Maryland’s Autism Medicaid Waiver is administered by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), under the auspices of The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).  DHMH is Maryland’s single state Medicaid agency, providing oversight to all waivers in Maryland, including the Autism Waiver.

What is the Waiver?
The Autism Waiver is approved to serve almost 1,500 children.  Because there are far more children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder who can benefit greatly from services offered through the Waiver, a registry has been created for those waiting to apply.  Each July, new applicants are referred from the registry to the MSDE in chronological order, only if waiver vacancies become available.  A child's right to receive Waiver services is determined by first ensuring that eligibility requirements as well as assessment criteria are met, as developed by the State.
How does it work?
Becoming a Waiver Participant
For a more detailed overview, refer to information about the Waiver for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Once it is determined that a child meets all of the eligibility requirements, a Plan of Care (POC) is created by an appointed Service Coordinator based on recommendations requesting specific services from health care providers, school professionals, and family members. The POC will outline the type(s) of service(s) as well as amount of hours for each service the child has been approved to receive. It is important to know that the family chooses which Provider they would like to work with their child for each service. Once a Provider is selected, they will also be listed in the POC.

To refer to the "Autism Waiver Fact Sheet," which provides further information on eligibility guidelines as well as instructions on applying to place your child's name on the registry.  You may contact the Autism Waiver Registry directly by calling 866-417-3480.