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​​- The Staff person has been great and we are very pleased with his commitment to our son. -- S.W.

- I think my staff and Family Consultant are ROCK STARS at what they do to help our child and our family! I don't think we would make it half as well without them. -- R.K.

-We are thrilled with the services through Connect and Learn! Our family consultant is a very personable family consultant and offers wonderful suggestions and I can tell she truly cares for and wants the best for our son. The staff person has been incredible! It is priceless that we trust her fully with our son. I have been very impressed with her ability to be gentle while expecting his best. We are thrilled with our family consultant and our staff. -- DW.

The staff is top-notch, well-trained, polite, on-time, and always patient with the clients.   I have always stayed with this Provider and have been very happy with their service. --HP

Our Treatment Coordinator and staff exceeded all expectations with our son.  She worked with him for over four years.  She was patient, understanding, and very hard-working.  His IISS and Respite care staff was awesome. Our son's development and success was a result of their hard work.  Great job Connect and Learn! --DP

Our IISS staff person is amazing.  She is so attuned to how to meet our son's needs.  She incorporates the treatment plan into her interactions with our son.  Thank you so much to everyone.  The entire staff is kind and helpful. --L.W. & E. L.
So grateful for Connect and Learn- the name is perfect, it is exactly what my son is doing because of your services....connecting and learning! --D.W.
- Our staff person is a delight to work with and not only does our son love her but, more importantly, he respects her. E.J.

- We truly appreciate all that Connect and Learn has done for our family all these years. We have been blessed to be able to get this help. We would have NEVER made it without Connect and Learn in our lives. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. B.L.
- Both our staff person and our Family Consultant are amazing and we could not be happier with them. M.G.